Pirelli launches covered-up 2017 calendar with top actresses


Pirelli launches covered-up 2017 calendar with top actresses

You can also see Alicia Vikander, Zhang Ziyi, Rooney Mara, Jessica Chastain, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong'o, Charlotte Rampling, Helen Mirren, Lea Seydoux, and special guest Anastasia Ignatova star in the calendar.

Peter's theme was "emotional", adding his goal was "to create a calendar not around ideal bodies, but on sensitivity and emotion, stripping down to the very soul of the sitters, who thus become more nude than naked".

Lindbergh said in an interview with Pirelli that he wanted to use the calendar "to make a statement for a different kind of beauty". Last year Photographer Annie Leibovitz chose to go the unconventional route with the images as well, the most memorable of which was Amy Schumer drinking coffee in a pair of underwear and heels.

Pirelli Calendar broke its tradition of containing female nude photos a year ago.

The Pirelli calendar is clearly committed to its change in status quo a year after shunning traditional catwalk models in favour of "women of achievement".

The Pirelli portraits celebrate "natural beauty and femininity", and in a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot, Winslet, 41, says Lindbergh encouraged her to "be free and be strong" while posing for him.

"Through the Pirelli Calendar I've tried to convey a different message, which is that beauty is far more than what advertising offers us today".

Uma Thurman is even more breathtaking up close. Most recently, he's been involved in developing a new age of photography that recognizes the beauty and power of women of all ages.

Lindbergh, who previously shot the calendar in 1996 and 2002, said it was "a cry for beauty today against the terror of perfection and youth", aiming to show "real women" as they are naturally without heavy makeup or retouching. Speaking at the launch, photographer Peter Lindbergh said the women he had pictured were "nude while being fully dressed" because the camera had "stripped them to the very soul". Just look at this photograph of Julianne Moore. "The ideal of flawless beauty promoted by society is something that simply can't be attained", Lindbergh said at the launch party in Paris. "It's an incredible honor to be included", Uma Thurman added, debuting a new brunette 'do, "I have two daughters, and a son, I think it's equally important for men to see their mother aging and being herself".



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