Magnus Carlsen checkmates Russia's Sergey Karjakin to win nail-biting world chess playoff


Twenty days ago, on the eve of a world championship match that would prove more gruelling and arduous than many observers had expected, Magnus Carlsen described his forthcoming title defence against Russia's Sergey Karjakin in pugilistic terms.

Following his win, fans and supporters cheered Carlsen with a rendition of "Happy Birthday".

Carlsen beat Karyakin on his 26th birthday to win his third straight world championship, in NY. Both the players were settled for half a point until the end of the seventh round as it ended in a draw.

Organisers estimate that 6 million people around the world followed the series of quick tie-breaking games - sort of like sudden death play in American football.

The two players reached a draw in 10-of-12 matches, with each one winning only once. "However, representatives of organising committees that want to host the match in 2018 were in NY today", Ilyumzhinov said, reports Tass. Karjakin's 38th move with his rook was a blunder; it proved his last move of the game. Carlsen managed to salvage a draw in that game only because Karjakin also made some mistakes.

World champion Magnus Carlsen saw off his Russian challenger.

The points are tied 6 each after 12 games between defending World Champion Carlsen of Norway and challenger Karjakin from Russian Federation. In 10 of the games, there was no victor.

The game was the shortest ever in a world championship match, said Ilya Merenzon, who runs the company that organized the match.

"The game is pretty even now, " the girl said, "but I feel like Magnus is going to start attacking really soon".

There is a huge prize money of almost one million euros to the players as the match has reached the tie-breaker stage.

The tiebreakers on Wednesday will take on a character different from the methodical games played so far.

Fans were hoping for more, but honestly, a thrilling Game 12 was probably too much to hope for.

"It is wrong to determine the new world champion this way".

It could be considered the most lucrative checkmate of all time.

The next World Chess Championship will be decided starting on November 7, 2018, with a candidates tournament held on March 8-29 of that year to determine Carlsen's opponent.



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