Florence Henderson was longtime pre-race Indy 500 performer


Florence Henderson was longtime pre-race Indy 500 performer

Though Henderson is no longer with us, Knight says he will honor her to the best of his ability. Florence was also in the audience during Monday's finals, even though McCormick had already been eliminated week's earlier. For viewers who came of age during "The Brady Bunch" years, it was Florence Henderson who more than earned the honor. She gave us an idealized template for how a matriarch should be- patient and loving with an on-trend wardrobe and just a hint of sternness when her kids were "taking a joke too far".

Everyone knows that Florence Henderson, who died Thursday in Los Angeles at age 82, portrayed one of America's most beloved television moms in "The Brady Bunch". "She really was. She was the loveliest of ladies". Florence Henderson was a dear friend for so very many years & in my 3 forever.

She was partly old-school TV mom, as perfectly groomed and poised as Harriet Nelson in "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" or Barbara Billingsley's June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver", both of 1950s-'60s vintage. The news was confirmed by her manager Kayla Pressman, and her publicist David Brokaw. That's how we felt. Olsen's own son saw Henderson as an extra grandmother.

Adding, "Her opinion mattered". Because of that, as I grew older I watched it with fond memories since we were 4 sisters and those Brady people meant so much to us.

Christopher Knight played Peter Brady. I didn't always get my guidance from her directly or verbally, but just through watching her and by letting her guide me through behavior. She made people laugh. Mike Lookinland who played Bobby told New York Daily News that his own kids also thought of Henderson as "Grandma Florence" and how his mother and Florence were great friends.

She dropped out of the program after one year, however, to take the role in "Wish You Were Here".

I got to tell her about the living room and being Trans, and Marcia's shatterings, and her one night as Mama Morton, and her appearances with Paul Lynde, and the fact that she allowed me to breathe at a time when my life was being strangled. She knew she had heart problems - she'd had little touches of it before.

My personal favorite TV mom was June Cleaver, who never met a meal she couldn't cook while wearing a dress, earrings and pearl necklace. She was just a wonderful kind of warm and stern mothering figure. She was radiant and present and warm and genuinely amusing. "She will be missed by her children, grandchildren, and us 'kids.'" Deeply saddened.



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