Chelsea launch investigation into former club employee


Chelsea launch investigation into former club employee

Chelsea have confirmed that an external law firm will carry out an investigation into allegations of historical sexual abuse by a person, now deceased, who was employed in the 1970s.

The club said that includes providing the FA "with any relevant information arising out of the club's investigation".

In entirely unexpected developments since the Telegraph brought to light the settlement made three years ago between Chelsea Football Club and a former youth player over claims of sexual abuse by the club's former chief scout, Eddie Heath, Chelsea are now facing an FA inquiry over what's being called "hush money" by several media reports.

He said: 'If there has been any evidence of a breach of the rules, subject to due process with the police, we will apply the rules from top to bottom, regardless of the size of club. Football takes child safety very seriously.

It adds that the figure at the centre of the claims is "Eddie Heath, Chelsea's influential chief scout for more than a decade". If the FA have made errors, we'll own up to them, as must the rest of football.

Heath gave the youngster Coke and candies, before putting on a pornographic film and telling the teenager: "This will make you feel better".

Six police forces - Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Hampshire, Northumbria, the Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester - are now investigating allegations of historical sexual abuse, reports the Times.

The London club have asked for assistance from the Football Association with regards to the matter, which they suggest relates to the wider investigation into child abuse in the sport in Britain.

Sportsmail understands at least two other ex-players have contacted police with allegations of abuse concerning Ormond.

Former Newcastle United footballer Derek Bell, is among a number of players who have waived their anonymity to speak out.

A Newcastle spokeswoman said that, on police advice, it would not be appropriate to respond about past handling of allegations.

More recently, former players like Andy Woodward and Paul Stewart have come out with allegations of being personally sexually abused. Southampton said they would co-operate fully with any police investigation.



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