Bannon Reportedly Claimed That Black Citizens Shouldn't Get To Vote


Mr. Bannon, a champion of numerous hate groups and an editor of fear-mongering alt-right opinion, has no place near the White House.

Staff at the Institute of Politics did not immediately provide information Tuesday on why Bannon had pulled out from the event.

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In prepared remarks Kennedy School Dean Doug W. Elmendorf had planned to deliver at the event's opening on Wednesday, Elmendorf wrote that Harvard's decision to invite guests does not constitute an endorsement of their views.

We can never know what is in the hearts of others.

"To glean these lessons, we invite to this event the people who were at the heart of the campaign", he said.

Nearly 1,000 students and campaigners are planning to protest the arrival of Breitbart executive chairman turned Donald Trump's chief strategist at Harvard's political conference.

Additionally, Jones claims that Bannon used to occasionally talk about "genetic superiority" of some people, although it's not clear from the reporting whether he believes this genetic superiority is based on race.

"Bannon shouldn't even be allowed to speak let alone step foot on campus".

With more than 40,000 people marked as attending the Facebook event, "Postcard Avalanche to Denounce Bannon" gave detailed instructions to people who wish to participate in the "postcard avalanche" from November 26 to 28. "No platform for fascists!" Other members of the Trump campaign team, including campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, reportedly still planned to attend the conference. It will be broadcast on CNN Sunday evening. Strategists from most of the 2016 presidential campaigns are attending, including Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, organizers said.

Isaac R. Blumfield, an organizer for IfNotNow Boston-the local branch of a national group advocating for "American Jewish institutions to end their support for the occupation" of Palestine-said the group meant to continue with a separate protest they planned as part of a national day of action.



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