Apple finally addresses flaw behind iPhone 6S battery problem


Enter that serial number on the Apple Support page and you will know if your iPhone is eligible for replacement or fix. In a post on its site, the Cupertino company claimed that the problem affected only a "small subset" of its phones and has offered free battery replacements to iPhone users affected by the problem.

Many iPhone 6S users were unpleasantly surprised when their devices started shutting down unexpectedly.

With more and more iPhones succumbing to serious battery issues, the Chinese government has attacked Apple for failure to meet the basic wireless communication needs of consumers. "It's important to note, this is not a safety issue". Apple is even offering free battery replacement to units bought between September 2015 and October 2015. Starting this month, iPhone 6 owners can bring their phones into an Apple store to see if their unit is eligible for a free battery replacement. And there have been high-profile hardware issues with both the iPhone 6 ("Bendgate" and "Touch Disease") as well as the 6s which suffered from battery issues.

However, reports also state that Apple is considering more than 10 prototypes for the iPhone, so, depending on how things go, a curved screen might not get the nod. These models also 15 Japan-China Consumers Association letter of inquiry involved in abnormal shutdown models.

The major problems reported were unexpected power-off issues, batteries combusting and stolen accounts, it said.

However, the Shanghai Consumer Council said that other iPhone models and iPhone 6s produced outside of the time period specified by Apple are exhibiting abnormal shutdown problems.

In case, you own an iPhone 6s and have been facing the same issue, here's how you can find out if your phone is eligible for battery replacement.

The new tool by Apple enables the user to enter the serial number of the smartphone and check it their iPhone is eligible. The weird thing that those of us affected by this have experienced is that after charging the phone back in, it nearly immediately turns back on, back at its 20% or 30% battery level. In the About page, you can find your phone's serial number after Model.



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