Uber overhauls its app, focuses on the destination


Uber overhauls its app, focuses on the destination

In the near future, Uber will also allow you to connect the app to your calendar to make those predictions and shortcuts even timelier.

For the update, available to users world-wide, Uber also is adding a feature that will enable customers to use their friends' locations as a destination. "Gone are the days when everyone's app looks the same". Uber will then ping your friend for permission to use their location and - assuming they grant it - direct the driver to them.

But what it will have at launch is a new section that Uber hopes will keep your attention in the app after you get in a auto instead of opening Facebook and and Twitter. Passengers must opt into this service.

After a slew of alleged sexual assaults by Uber drivers, some women and lawmakers have called on Uber to add more safety features to its app, like a panic button. Opting in grants Uber access to the entirety of a user's calendar information, though the company told BuzzFeed News that it will pull only event locations, times and titles.

Over the years, Uber's home screen became stuffed with new features that had the potential to confuse users. The app will send a request to the person you are meeting - asking if they can share their location. The new Uber experience is reimagined around a simple question - 'Where to?'. The company expects to roll out calendar integration and its contacts-as-destinations feature some time in December.

The company already began to experiment with ways to provide entertainment during rides when in January it introduced "Trip Experiences," a tool that lets outside developers link their app to Uber's so they can suggest content like short music playlists or news briefs.

"Meet a taco at your doorstep is basically the feature."

Uber has redesigned its mobile app for the first time in four years with upgrades that learn from your routines and offer more options based on where you're going. It will also have the ability to use Snapchat filters to alert friends of your arrival time. And a another with Yelp will offer restaurant reviews and menus to passengers who are headed out to dinner. Check Transit to see upcoming departures for the train, bus, and subway.

Over time, Uber has crammed a hodgepodge of services into its mobile application: black cars, carpooling, taxi hailing, UberX for ride sharing, premium-car Select and Access for disabled passengers (mainly for USA services). No more clicking back and forth to compare fares. You really can't beat the satisfaction of an app loading up within a second of opening it instead of waiting for several moments for it to even acknowledge your pressing need to hail a ride and get somewhere.

This new version makes getting a ride nearly as simple as just pushing a button, but more importantly it may also lay the foundation for what experts say will unlock a massive new revenue stream for the company as it continues to approach the long-anticipated launch of its public stock offering.



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