Trump's get-tough immigration plan could be cracking


Trump's get-tough immigration plan could be cracking

"The point is Donald Trump wants job", he said.

Massie complained that Ryan, like Boehner, has not given lawmakers time to examine, debate, and vote on bills in regular order-and has let the president wield the upper hand in legislative battles.

Environmental groups don't plan to make Trump's job any easier.

The signs of a looming clash are already there. We're going to do that. Ryan is steeped in details on reforming taxes and reshaping entitlement spending - although Trump has been critical of Ryan's past budget proposals.

"It feels really good to say that actually", Ryan told reporters.

"If we go for it-if we go big and go bold-we can make American so great that it offers our children even more than it offers us", he said. "We are not Republicans first", Obama said.

"President-elect Trump is the president". It looks like Republicans do, too.

These differences may take some time to emerge.

Trump also is targeting recent Obama administration efforts to reduce air and water pollution that have been opposed by Republicans and industries that profit from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, including a rule to protect small streams and wetlands and ozone regulations created to cut down on smog.

Hill Republicans were effusive in their praise and congratulations Sunday for Priebus - now the head of the Republican National Committee and a buddy of Ryan's - getting the top job.

Still, Trump campaigned on a series of plans that, taken together, would increase the deficit dramatically. Though Trump has seemingly softened his hard-line immigration policy - indicating his priority is deporting criminal undocumented immigrants and saying those who aren't criminals are wonderful people, Angel isn't buying it. Irma Cervantes and Eduardo Navarro walked across the border tonight.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., said the delay is an effort to ensure new members are included, not to allow time for members to rethink who's in charge. Trump added that "there could be some fencing".

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, expects Trump will be the one who has to compromise. But he said he was not optimistic that Trump would protect civil liberties.

Democrats gained seats in last Tuesday's election but not as many as initially expected, and Republicans will hold the Senate and the presidency. Please see our terms of service for more information. And he was crushed in a debate that year by none other than Joe Biden. Maybe that's why the occasional critic and supporter of President-elect Donald Trump congratulated the Republican Party's nominee so quickly. Those tensions will grow, he said, as campaign promises aren't kept, and voters will see him as the "snake oil salesman he is".

Ahead of last week's election, there were rumblings that dissatisfied members of the Freedom Caucus were considering challenging him for his post or cutting a deal to get one of their own in the GOP's leadership circle.



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