Trump is still Trump as foes plunge into final campaign week


Trump is still Trump as foes plunge into final campaign week

"Her election would mire our government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we can not afford", Trump declared in Grand Rapids, pointing to the FBI's renewed examination of Clinton's email practices as evidence the former secretary of state might face a criminal trial as president. Clinton could effectively stop Trump in his tracks if she can win either state - barring a huge and unpredictable upset elsewhere.

Campaigning in Ohio, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Trump was hoping to discourage people from participating in the election. Lee said. "So knowing that Hillary has nobody around her - not [her running mate] Tim Kaine and not anybody in her cabinet, not anybody in the Senate - that would be supportive of the life issue, regardless that they all claim to be Christians and Catholics, then where do evangelicals and people of faith and Catholics go?"

"When you have 300 million Americans, you're bound to come across a fictitious name or Social Security number, but that doesn't skew the overall outcome", said John Neison, 40, of Bucks County, a registered Libertarian who plans to vote for either Johnson or write in a Republican other than Trump for president.

Trump has consistently struggled to capture lasting momentum in the race, often battling damaging disclosures about his past or veering wildly off script in his public speeches. Two-thirds of Clinton supporters predicted no change in political divisiveness should she win. More significantly, though, such a decline in support could cost the party some of the six Senate races that are effectively dead heats and will determine who controls the chamber.

That uncertainty could allow Trump's supporters to argue that MI is still up for grabs. Early vote totals in several states, including North Carolina, are outpacing Obama's performance at this time four years ago and have buoyed Democratic confidence even amid a burst of late adversity. The day before, he appeared in New Mexico, which has supported the GOP just once over the last three decades.

"Acting to further divide the nation on the eve of the election, the Democrats have filed a baseless suit for the sole objective of creating a hostile environment for all voters on Election Day", said Megan Sweeney, a spokeswoman for the state Republican Party, in an email. Romney did not succeed.

Others, however, including Russell B. Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, have said Christians should not settle for the lesser-of-two-evils arguments, and students at Liberty University have made it clear they disagree with Mr. Falwell, who endorsed Mr. Trump early on in the primary over a large field of candidates, including Sen.

For Trump, the day's first appearance marked a sharp shift from his standard brash tone as he delivered carefully scripted remarks focused on health care. "'Where can we possibly give a little extra push and maybe - maybe - we can get over the top?'"

Trump's Nevada campaign has been recruiting poll watchers, but state campaign director Charles Munoz said they're trained to act within the law.

"The demographics in MI are flawless for Trump", Anuzis said of the state's large white working-class population.

Clinton assured supporters at Kent State University on Monday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation review would "reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the past year".

"We're going on offense here". But other leading Democrats said a defeat in OH and Iowa would not prove all that consequential, except to her ultimate margin.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, in the lawsuit, says it is the Republicans that have a tradition of polling place shenanigans.



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