Samsung still leads smartphone market amid Note 7 misfortune


Samsung still leads smartphone market amid Note 7 misfortune

However, the developers intend to make amends.

Regarding US availability, we don't know when the S7 Edge in its new color will arrive other than "by the end of the year". As per Samsung's most recent comment, the Galaxy S8 will offer an improvement on design, camera and artificial intelligence.

We expect the new phones to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February.

On top of these, a few rumors suggest that the new S8 will likely have dual waterproof cameras, an iris scanner and a finger print scanner. This means Samsung will need to rebound quickly if it is to convince consumers to buy its next phone.

In a statement, Samsung said it hoped that in the next quarter its mobile operating profits would return to last year's levels, also about $2 billion. Official have already revealed that the model will be a "slick" one, but no further details were added.

There's been flight bans aplenty (for die-hard daredevil fans), a Halloween costume, a GTA prank and even an almighty burn from the US President himself, Barack Obama, Digital Spy said. The FCC certification is required for all tablets and smartphones that are traded on the United States market.

The problem is said to be affecting the current and previous versions of Samsung's Galaxy S line.

Samsung is yet to settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by various people including individuals and law firms.

Lee, 48, the son of patriarch Lee Kun-hee who has been hospitalized following a heart attack, will now have greater accountability at the group's flagship company and a clearer mandate to play a public role in setting strategy.

Now, new leaks have hinted that the new smartphone will sport an optical fingerprint recognition. However, rumors claim that the company is planning on revolutionary changes and it is expected to support 4K screen resolution just like the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge.

Together, its component businesses generated more than 80 percent of the quarterly income in the latest quarter, helping Samsung weather the cost of the handset recall.

Recently, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones will be launched next year.



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