Qui Nguyen wins $8M at World Series of Poker Main Event


Qui Nguyen wins $8M at World Series of Poker Main Event

Sunday evening, ESPN2 begins its broadcast of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table in Texas Hold 'Em. Nguyen took a hit to his stack, but retained control of the chip lead. Down to less than a big blind afterwards, Ruzicka went out in sixth shortly thereafter. Josephy was gone in third place. If not, here's the championship winning hand you missed. On the final day, only three remained, with Nguyen holding a solid chip lead throughout the event.

After many hours of action, it was over, and Qui Nguyen posed for the cameras with a large pile of money and that shiny piece of WSOP jewelry.

Ninth-place finisher Fernando Pons earned a $1 million prize while Kenny Hallaert who took sixth ended up with $1,464,258. But he'll have to settle for 3 place and $3.4 million.

Okay, let's go. how would you play these hands?

Nguyen showed up at the Rio ready to gamble Sunday.

First to act from the cutoff/under the gun, Josephy looked down at and raised to 2.4 million.

Qui Nguyen open raised and quickly called Vayo's shove from the big blind. He took everything that happened in strides and finally got his moment with K-10 against Vayo's J-10. A few hands later, Josephy pushed with Ks-9d against Nguyen's Ah-Qd, but the board of Qs-Ts-7d-9s-3s gave Josephy a flush and another double, that time to 46.2 million. The pot was up to 48.4 million, while Josephy now had just about that same amount behind.

Seth Palansky of WSOP said: "Playing an aggressive style, and arguably the least accomplished player at the table coming in, Qui did the unimaginable by constantly playing pots, applying pressure and putting his tablemates to tough decisions". But Vayo turned over 3d-3s for the better set.

About a half-hour later came a three-way hand involving Ruane (cutoff/UTG), Vayo (button), and Josephy (big blind). Vayo was down to 53 million chips with a jack and 10 of spades. He had a wild ride on the final day of the event, doubling up right away only to flop set-under-set against Gordon Vayo to plummet down the leaderboard. It was an 8 on the river that did him in, giving Nguyen the pot and sending Ruane home in fourth place.

Although flop brought some hope for Vayo, both turn and river bricked, announcing the end of this year's WSOP festivities.

After minutes of deliberation, Vayo folds.

On the very next hand, Josephy pushed all-in with Qd-3d, and Vayo called with Kh-6d.

The 39-year-old local professional gambler will return to 128.6 million chips at 5 p.m. today for the second round of the "November Nine", where the final three players will emerge before Tuesday's finale. Ruzicka was left with less than one big blind and Vayo vaulted into the chip lead with 108 million chips.

The first three community cards came out, and among them was a king to give Nguyen a pair. Vayo called the three-bet and the two players saw a flop of Qc-8d-3c.

It checked around to Vayo who continued for 2.8 million.

His play was called unconventional, unorthodox, baffling and any other superlative you can think up to describe someone doing something that goes against conventional wisdom.

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