Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone: "It Will Happen"


Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone:

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Double XP event recently appears to have highlighted a fundamental problem with the game's XP balancing, where the double XP yield appears to only be limited to the Score XP, leading to the overall XP multiplier being closer to 1.2x-1.4x than being truly double. The company noted in a Twitter post, "Weekend plans?" At least, that's what Infinity Ward things.

The zero-gravity space combat and epic dogfights are welcome additions to otherwise worn out tropes of the shooter but sadly get left behind in the multiplayer which, when it comes down to it, is really just more of the same.

In case you are unaware, the two titles are bundled together to help boost sales of the all-new FPS game, Infinite Warfare. We don't yet know how many of those sales mentioned above are for the standard edition of the game or for the Legacy Edition which included Modern Warfare Remastered. Those looking for a "quick fix" has been advised, "If you have a custom controller setup, don't press buttons during the intermission screen".

There are plenty of Call of Duty fans that are only interested in Modern Warfare Remastered, who decided against buying Infinite Warfare's £79.99 edition because well, that's a lot of money to fork out just to play the remaster of a nine-year-old game. Other issues will be addressed as time goes on, obviously. In recent sales of Infinite Warfare, it has shown that it is down 50% compared to the previous sales in COD history, and down 25% with the legacy edition. Oh, and mind our killstreaks - we earned them.



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