Melanie Chisholm: I was bullied in Spice Girls


Melanie Chisholm: I was bullied in Spice Girls

Long live the Spice Girls and this very '90s ad, in which you'll be happy to know the Spice Girls don't show any "cleavage" or "midriffs".

It would be fair to assume that the memory of these experiences played a big part in Mel's decision not to join Geri, Mel B and Emma for their 20st anniversary tour.

Then Geri walks by to put him in his place, calling him "a chauvinistic pig" before Victoria struts over, steals his sunglasses and proceeds to mock him. "Stop trying to look cool".

"You should know better, really, at your age", Halliwell continues. "You're in the advertising thing, what sort of example is that?"

Leave it to Scary Spice to throw out the most appropriate of come backs: "Well you can fuck off".

The Spice Girls apparently told off the "chauvinist pig" who directed their 1997 commercial for Polaroid, and a attractive video of the girls in action is now going viral on Twitter, thank god. "To have a cleavage shown and a midriff shown?' When he replied that it was 'every man's fantasy", Mel wasn't having any of it, and promptly told him to do something that probably ended with 'off".

The video ends with the girls again berating the men by sarcastically thanking them and declaring "girl power".

In the clip, the girls are seen arguing with a male director on the set of a Polaroid commercial.

The women who built their brand on Girl Power responded with an appropriate drag.

Either way, we should let the strength of these superstars inspire us today.

See more on the reunion in the video below.



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