Lock her up? Maybe not so much, Giuliani and Christie say


"They're going to continue", one of the Fox News hosts said.

Trump during the campaign proposed appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.

"I don't like to see America become a country in which we prosecute people, you know, about politics", Giuliani, who is an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, told Fox News' "Fox and Friends." . You just said, "Nobody knows it better than I do".

Giuliani blamed the unrest more on professors than students, and said young people are starting to realize they will need jobs when they leave school, so Trump's message resonated with "a lot more than you think".

Also, Giuliani knows today's youth.

The spoof starts with Trump - who plays a salesman - telling Giuliani: "You know, you're really handsome and a woman that looks like that has to have her own special scent". "It may be true, it may not be true, but it hasn't been investigated". "Donald, I thought you were a gentleman", Rudia says, before Trump responds: "You can't say I didn't try".

Turning back to the issue of classified information that was at the center of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into Clinton's server, Giuliani said that if she were pardoned, David Petraeus and James Cartwright also would have to be. Those followed a wave of large-scale protest encampments, starting with the Occupy Wall Street movement in NY in 2011. That decision was a central piece of Trump's argument that US politics and government were "rigged".

Should Obama pardon Clinton, however, it could also prove beneficial for Trump, sparing the new president from having to undertake a messy and divisive legal fight so early in his administration. Two days before the election, Comey, who has seven years left in his term, affirmed his recommendation not to prosecute Clinton.

Asked if Trump's birther comments were "just politics", Christie said "everything is in the context of politics" - though that doesn't mean Trump didn't believe what he was saying.

Reports claim it is nearly certain that Giuliani, 72, will be offered a top position and could land the role of director of homeland security or even attorney general, given his background as a prosecutor.

He was later USA attorney for the southern district of NY, where among other things he prosecuted cases against the mafia.

The former mayor of New York City appeared on CNN's "New Day", in an interview with Chris Cuomo and said he has a pretty strong track record with the Justice Department.

Ford's pardon of Nixon was not challenged in court; however, Trump or Giuliani, who has been named as a leading attorney general candidate in numerous reports, could seek to do so. Trump, who said he never met Obama before, said it was a "great honor" to sit with the president for the unexpectedly long meeting. "It is now his job ― and I am confident he will ― to bring the country together".

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