'Gilmore Girls' actor on revival: 'I was a little nervous at first'


"The footage they have in the opening sequence where [Lorelai and Rory] are on the porch in one scene and Rory lays her head down on Lorelai's shoulder, that really captures the song", Louise said. Per Lorelai's request, Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) agrees to transfer the money that was set aside for Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) by her late husband Richard (Edward Herrmann) - but under one condition: "I want you and Luke in Nantucket two weeks every summer and one week at Christmas".

It was brief but it happened!

In the years since the show's end on television, fans have been wondering how series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino would have ended the story, as she was let go from the show's final season on The CW after creative differences with the network.

It could also be Paul's, Rory's aforementioned boring boyfriend who just broke up with her in the final scene, though we doubt it.

Logan lives in London, and whenever Rory's over there for work, they're on - except for when his fiancée is in town. Lorelai spent seven seasons deciding between Luke and Christopher, but, as she admits in the revival, it was Luke all along.

Later in the series, it is also revealed that Michel is intending to leave the Inn for the W Hotel in NY, unless Lorelai is able to expand her business and give him more responsibility.

The next question is does this line of dialogue hint at future reboots of "Gilmore Girls"? "I'm ready to see what the fans think of it - how much they like it". Sherman-Palladino had a plan for the final four words of the show that threatened to change Stars Hollow history.

"I'm pregnant", Rory tells her before the credits roll.

I'm sure 16 years from now, Rory's daughter will be in a love triangle of her own with a supportive, small-town guy and a rich, preppy kid. Will this haunt us for the rest of our lives?? "I can't believe how I treated him", Rory says.

Sherman-Palladino confessed that she has been planning this ending for Lorelai and Rory since the series' WB inception in 2000. I remember there was a show called "Popular" on TV where girls were, I don't know, really stylish and all about the looks and sometimes very mean. The last time we see Jess in the revival, he gazes at Rory with eyes that betray the chill exes status they've both agreed upon. The whole point of this story is having this child young, so the usual things I might have anxious about just did not even occur to me. That's how I took that screenshot up at the top of this post.



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