Dassey's release ordered in 'Making A Murderer' case


Dassey's release ordered in 'Making A Murderer' case

However, reports indicate that Attorney General Brad Schimel intends to file an emergency motion seeking a stay of this release order.

In August Judge Duffin overturned Dassey's conviction for the 2005 murder of Halbach after finding "significant doubts as to the reliability of [his] confession".

In his ruling Monday, Duffin said there's evidence investigators repeatedly assured Dassey, who was taking some special education classes in high school, he "had nothing to worry about".

A federal magistrate judge ruled in August that investigators tricked Dassey into confessing he helped Avery, rape, kill and mutilate photographer Halbach in 2005.

On Monday, a judge ordered that Dassey be released immediately while an appeal is pending that seeks to keep him behind bars.

As a condition of his release, Dassey is not allowed to have any contact with Avery or the Halbach family. Following the show, Dassey got a new defense attorney. He was sentenced to life without parole.

Dassey's murder conviction was overturned over the summer.

Steven Avery is still in prison.

However, the same judge has now ordered that Dassey be freed under supervision, until the the next steps in the case are made clear. Avery has not taken the witness stand. Dassey also does not testify in Avery's trial.

The judge has granted the release of Brendan while a decision is made on the appeal against his case.

Dassey must appear in court as required and surrender to serve any sentence, as ordered by a court.

Dassey's legal team filed a motion for his release from prison in September after his murder conviction was overturned over the summer.

Dassey's attorney told the Guardian past year that his remarks to police "fit the profile of a [false] confession to an absolute T". He is pursuing his own appeal. The case gained global attention after the release of the "Making A Murderer", a Netflix docu-series making a case that the convicted killers were set up by a vengeful Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office. The series spawned widespread conjecture about the pair's innocence.



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