College Football: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Inch Closer to Playoff


College Football: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Inch Closer to Playoff

Big things are about to happen for the Big 12, or so it seems for the moment. If you are a college football fan then you have been keeping a keen eye out for the playoff rankings, which means you know that some interesting changes have been manifesting as of late (Click Here for updated College Football Championship picks).

Oklahoma, if you noticed took a significant step forward when they climbed from number 9 to number 8 in the most recent playoff rankings. Oklahoma State, on the other hand, saw their position shift from Number 11 to Number 10 in the rankings on Tuesday Night. 

In other words, the Big 12 is looking at a situation where it is really close to seeing its conference champion in the College football playoff. Of course, it would be a mistake to jump to any conclusions now. However, Louisville is now out of the way and the conference’s eventual champion has never been in such great shape, or at least they are in better shape this week.

Everyone has to wait another week for the Bedlam battle that will decide the league title. For the Big 12’s contenders, all that is left is to sit back and watch. To better understand how this race will shape out, one must wait a few more days until Saturday when the Big Ten and Pac-12 can be more thoroughly scrutinized. 

Depending on what happens with the Pac-12 and Big Ten, change will be coming to six of the top teams in the rankings, specifically Ohio State, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Colorado.

The Big 12 can still squeeze into the playoff, but their success will depend on how well the six teams above will play out. Things are looking decent enough for Oklahoma following their victory on the road over a Number 18 West Virginia Team. It was what one could call a quality win whose decisiveness improved Oklahoma’s resume.

However, one might argue that the victory was of little significance because it didn’t give Oklahoma much of a bump in the rankings. For now, fans and pundits are waiting for the Bedlam battle.

The Sooners could become an attractive playoff candidate with a win there and a 9-0 run through the Big 12. It has taken the Sooners a while to get over their season-opening loss to Houston; though, what happened to Lamar Jackson and Louisville at the hands of the Cougars makes the loss feel a little less damaging.

Oklahoma state could soon begin pressuring the College Football Playoff Committee, especially if they complement their seven wins with another victory. The Cowboys/Michigan game is still causing controversy, having been decided on an incorrectly permitted extra down; it is unclear as to how the committee will treat the game.

Committee Chairman Kirby Hocutt said on Tuesday that Oklahoma state was being viewed as a 9-2 team, though the manner in which the game ended cannot be ignored. There are a lot of strong opinions floating around, though people like Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops have chosen to keep their words to themselves.

The Big 12 is determined to keep hope alive, regardless of the results of the Bedlam battle next week.



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