Can Other Degrees Help Your Healthcare Career?


Can Other Degrees Help Your Healthcare Career?

The healthcare industry is booming and growing at a stunning rate, thanks to some of the latest incentives and boosts given to the market. There is an increase in demand for healthcare professionals and practitioners. Experts are also saying that such demand will continue to grow at a steady rate over the next five years.

Many believe that working in healthcare requires a healthcare-related degree or qualifications. Although this is correct for certain positions, there are other degrees that can help you get a career in healthcare – or boost an existing one. 

Managerial Positions and MBAs

One of the best master’s degree to pursue if you’re a healthcare practitioner or someone who has been building a career in this industry is an MBA. There are a lot of opportunities to grab an MBA online from some of the best universities across the country, which means this is the degree you can acquire without having to quit your job or postpone your career.

Getting online masters in business administration can help you qualify for managerial positions in hospitals and healthcare companies. There are a lot of those positions available, too. For starters, most of the top hospitals in the country are run by experienced doctors with MBAs. Other managerial positions are held by people with business and finance backgrounds.

Another good thing about pursuing an MBA online is the fact that you can also do a career pivot if necessary. Other markets are growing just as rapidly and the economy is really booming. An MBA is a degree that can help you land the career of your dreams.

Statistics and Data Analysis

The next promising degree to pursue is a degree in statistics and data analysis. You can pursue a master of science in statistics or other similar fields to help you move forward in your career. The healthcare industry is in need for a lot of data analysts and similarly skilled personnel.

The healthcare insurance providers, for instance, are recruiting a large number of statisticians and people with both skills – healthcare and data analysis – to help them map the market better. These companies are working around the clock to better understand the demands and needs of today’s healthcare customers, especially after such a drastic set of changes on the market.

Similar to MBA holders, those with an MSc in statistics can also enter other fields relatively easily. Any company from tech to marketing and retail needs data analysts to help process their numbers and understand the market better.

Nursing Management

This last degree is still very related to the healthcare industry, but it offers a specific set of skills that will come in handy for those pursuing a career as a Nursing Manager or Chief Nursing Officer. There are several programs that allow you to specialize in nursing management. While you still learn a lot about the practices of nursing, most of the course will focus on skills like time management, resource allocations and many more.

As you may have guessed, this degree is in our list simply because the demand is very high. You can also find NAMEC members providing courses and various programs for you to join. All you need to do to start working towards a better career is pick a degree and enrol.




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