Anastacia found her 'little piece of female' dancing on Strictly


Anastacia found her 'little piece of female' dancing on Strictly

"I have zero dance experience and, while I'm obviously fit, it's a totally different discipline".

"He had a hard time as well", she said.

"And I still did the turn, thinking I've got to come out of this to go into the next move!"

After the judges opted to send her home, Anastacia appeared emotional as she told host Tess Daly: "I've really enjoyed being here".

"Whenever you go is when you go and you can't control that, you just do the best you can do".

Anastacia also admitted her dance partner Brendan Cole struggled to cope with the fall-out.

As for the controversy she sparked when she skipped the dance off in the first voting week due to injury, she stated: "It was one muscle or the other, if I ripped my lat then I would have had to have gone to another surgery and I've already gone through nine to be here and look like a female. They're pre-ordering it, they don't know the title..." I felt bad. I didn't want anyone to think that I wouldn't have left. personally, that's not the kind of person that I am.

"I'm touring the United Kingdom, I'm putting tickets out on Friday and it's next year from May into June".

"I felt terrible about the negative reaction, but the rules are that if someone is not able to dance, it goes to a vote". "You have to follow them".

Talking about his time on Strictly, and what happened during the lift that didn't go to plan, Ed explained, "It worked every time in rehearsal, it was really solid, and that hold, for whatever reason, we don't know how, [but] her foot went and pivoted and everyone was anxious about me dropping [her] but actually she was totally secure".

Anastacia - who has donated her entire appearance fee to Breast Cancer Awareness - was given the boot last weekend, but she admitted she kind of expected it, as her and Brendan spent the majority of their rehearsals having fun rather than practicing.

However, he's brushed off suggestions that past Olympians have an easier time of it on "Strictly", during a new interview with Star magazine.

They managed an average score of 25, which saw them at the bottom of the leaderboard.



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