World Series Opener: Cleveland Shuts the Cubs Out


World Series Opener: Cleveland Shuts the Cubs Out

The Chicago Cubs’ first appearance at the World Series since 1945 was terrible; Corey Kluber, on the other hand, cannot believe he was part of the team that brought Cleveland’s drought to an end. The online MLB odds were very divided when it came to predicting the outcome of this game.

The Cubs won 6-0 in the Tuesday Night game. The match was highly anticipated because the two teams involved were experiencing the longest championship droughts in baseball history.

AL Championship Series MVP Andrew Miller delighted the crowd when he prevented a three-run lead by stranding runners at the corner in the eighth. He was clearly having a good time and drinking in all the excitement.

The Cubs went into the game hot, being the same side that scored 23 runs against the Dodgers in the final games of the NLCS. But they were not nearly as proficient as the Indians. 

Roberto Perez, in particular, had a very good game with his four RBIs with a pair of home runs. As the first Cleveland player to homer twice in a Series games, Perez doesn’t remember ever having such a good game. 

The preseason saw both Perez and Francisco Lindor make many significant improvements, so maybe fans shouldn’t have been so surprised by their impressive performances on Tuesday.

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon tried to shake the loss off by suggesting that his team had no real concerns, especially with regards to the results of the first game, though the reaction was hardly authentic. 

Trevor Bauer will be in play on Wednesday night against Jake Arrieta for Game 2 for the Indians. The first pitch started an hour earlier as a response from the MLB to a forecast suggesting an increased chance of rain.

The night was a little off for the team, with Perez admitting that Kluber’s ball was moving too much that day, which is why only 24 of Kluber’s 59 strikes were called by plate umpire Larry Vanover. 

Chicago eventually went 2-for-15 with ten strikeouts with runners on the base. It is probably because both teams have gone so long without taking a title home that Lester stumbled in the opening inning, entering 3-0 with a 0.43 ERA in 3 series starts.

Cleveland hadn’t even loaded the bases with two outs before Lester got his first two outs on five pitches. Lester admitted that he could have performed better, especially when going against someone like Kluber who had locked in from pitch one.

The drought both teams have been fighting against is such that even non-baseball fan were captivated by this matchup. The last time the Cubs went to the World Series, World War II had just ended.

The postseason saw Kluber make a number of improvements (lowering his ERA to 0.74) so his performance wasn’t much of a shock. He had been given ample time to rest before the game, so he was definitely in peak form.

With people like Zobrist, Miller, Wilson and Raja Davis on the field, one could not ignore the tension exploding from the game as both teams worked to put the failures of their respective histories to rest. 

Cleveland was confident and it showed in their play. The Cubs can do little more than sulk and hope for better results next time.



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