Watch Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman Dress as Harry Potter for Press Conference


Watch Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman Dress as Harry Potter for Press Conference

That meant the team played a full five quarters of football instead of four.

Sherman played 95 snaps on defense and four more on special teams against the Arizona Cardinals for a total of 99. And Sherman, who recently went to "Harry Potter Land", which he said "felt like that was home" and wanted to show the Muggles of the world that he was a wizard.

He said his son Rayden, apparently precocious at nearly 21 months old, wanted him to wear his Halloween costume to work. Six players played over 90 snaps for Seattle's defense.

"This is a serious occasion", Sherman said. "I was like 'this guy is about to score, game over.' I just ran as fast as I (could) and gave everything I could to get him down", McCray said.

In reference to the Josh Brown domestic violence situation, Sherman says the NFL's lack of a clear policy makes it "impossible" to hand out effective discipline.

Sherman and the Seahawks were coming off a tie, a game as rare in the National Football League as a hippogriff Patronus in Potter world.

Indeed, it was. He was wearing black-rimmed eyeglasses atop his head, a black, Harry Potter Gryffindor robe outlined in maroon and gold, a matching neck tie over a white dress shirt - even a pointer stick. "Probably around the third quarter, third quarter my legs started locking up". Honestly, I was just a blur.

First off, I know that the Seahawks are the enemy, but I think these things are interesting and a fun look at things, so I like to shout it out when I see the creativity. "I remember them saying something about a stretcher and paramedics, and I was like, 'Yeah, that's not how we're going to end this today'".

Asked at what point after that game he started feeling human again, Sherman remained in character. While we normally have to live in the real world, sometimes it's just so much more satisfying to sip a butter beer and eat some Every Flavor Beans.



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