Video captures chase, shootout with terrified passenger in police vehicle


Video captures chase, shootout with terrified passenger in police vehicle

According to ABC 30, a Madera police officer attempted to make a traffic stop around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, when the vehicle took off.

Two bullets hit the windshield, narrowly missing the officer and the woman in the front passenger seat.

The front passenger in the SUV first fired about nine rounds out the window at the officer's auto, followed by four more rounds.

This is the terrifying moment a driver fired a gun at an officer and his civilian passenger during a dramatic police chase.

A police pursuit turned into an early morning shootout in California, and it's all caught on camera.

The officer's auto was disabled during the chase, forcing the officer to stop the pursuit, according to police.

The program was created to develop a working relationship with the community, but this ride-along turned into a close call when an officer was forced to take action.

Still, the department credited the newly trained officer for his "cool demeanor" in its post. But the driver doesn't stop and speeds through a residential neighborhood, blowing through stop signs.

The firefight disabled the patrol auto and the suspects exited their vehicle and took off on foot. "Then the officer immediately calls out shots fired". "It is the stark reality of law enforcement", Lt. Gino Chiaramonte with the Madera Police Department said.

Two bullets hit the windshield and one hit one of the cruiser's tires, disabling the cruiser and forcing the officer to stop his pursuit. The suspect's vehicle was found abandoned. Police said they found an AR15-style pistol and other evidence nearby. New officer, went through his training, did extremely well. This was his second week working solo.



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