Tom Brady Steers Clear of Trump/Locker Room Talk


Tom Brady Steers Clear of Trump/Locker Room Talk

Donald Trump is a like a train decimating every friend, acquaintance, and connection that might be in his path. There was a time when it wasn’t so ridiculous to maintain a close association with the presidential candidate. Controversial as he might have been, the Trump name, none the less, brought its own fair share of benefits. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not for athletes like Tom Brady for whom the conversation has veered towards his relationship to Trump, away from his abilities, prospects or NFL sportsbook betting odds.

Everyone knows that Trump and Brady are friends. Brady has said as much in past interviews. This is one athlete who hasn’t really shied away from advertising his connection to the billionaire.

However, maybe Brady survived the negative impact of the Trump craze because the presidential candidate hadn’t yet quite reached those levels of controversy that could sink renowned athletes like Brady.

All that seems to have changed since a tape was leaked recently, catching Trump has made a number of disgusting and derogatory remarks about women, in particular, boasting of his ability to bed women under his employment.

Brady was enjoying his Weekly chat with reporters on Wednesday when the issue of Trump arose. Every celebrity of note from every corner of society has reacted to the recorded conversation, so it was only natural for reporters to seek Brady’s opinion on the matter. 

Reporters wanted to know what Brady thought of the published video; interestingly enough, Trump’s defense for his comments was that everything he said was little more than locker room talk.

Sufficing to say, no one thought his excuse exonerated him from the accusations of misogyny that have been coming his way. Brady was characteristically uninterested in pursuing the conversation any further and chose to bring the event to an end.

Trump has attracted unprecedented criticism from every single athlete and journalist that has commented on the leaked video, with people from all walks of life denouncing his words as unacceptable today.

Brady called Trump a good friend last December. If that wasn’t enough to link him to the Billionaire, he has actually been caught with a ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump cap in his locker, this cementing his relationship with Trump.

Brady refused to touch the topic, and for good reason, choosing instead to walk off the podium once things took a difficult turn. The famous athlete was also on the Kirk and Callahan Show on WEEI Radio. 

Kirk Minihane kicked things off by asking Brady if he had spoken to Trump while serving his four-game suspension. Brady was smart enough to deflect that question. And while he was friendly in his approach, he couldn’t understand how Trump’s issues pertained to his role as a quarterback.

He then emphasized the fact that he had continued to prepare diligently for the rest of the season now that his suspension had ended, making every effort possible to steer clear of the Trump questions, this regardless of how efficiently the reporters in question probed him on the matter. 



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