Saints linebacker Dannell Ellerbe out for Chargers game


Here's how to watch Saints vs. Chargers online. San Diego is led by Phillip Rivers behind centre and will rely heavily on Travis Benjamin now that Keenan Allen is out for the season, but the help doesn't stop there as Melvin Gordon is looking very good and will be the feature back in this offense. Last week against Atlanta, New Orleans converted on 7 of 13 third-down attempts.

"I think it is an important down this game", coach Sean Payton said.

Now, if you listen to that you probably start to ask yourself ... if their offense is really that good, why are the Saints 0-3?

Just a few seasons ago the Saints were one of those National Football League teams that could look at their schedule and say "oh, that's a win for the Black and Gold!" They have already given up 35 points or more in two games this season and no quarterback they have faced this year has passed for less than 240 yards.

Heck, they may have had a losing season, but instead of finding themselves backed into a corner and only fighting their way out of it by turning the top pick into Rivers and a series of other selections, the Chargers would have been in position to add a game-changing player at a different position in what was a draft stacked with them.

The Chargers have had their fair share of problems maintaining the lead in the first few weeks of the season and if they get the better of the Saints' struggling defense they can not afford to take their foot off the pedal.

THE INJURY: Eliminated from the playoff race with one game to go in 2005, Schottenheimer wanted to finish 10-6 and so he played his starters against Denver. This offense does not appear to be too formidable for the Saints to keep the home team in check. It's what the Charger defense does best - sixth in the NFL. Look for a ton of points on Sunday afternoon. On the defense, New Orleans is allowing 448.3 yards and 32.0 total points. "They're aggressive in their coverage and you have to make sure the ball is coming out on time and it's hard to do when they are playing a lot of man to man".

"I think the one thing you see with this unit is explosion", said Pagano. Who knows maybe this week they will! Will the return trip to San Diego lead to a big performance, say 350 passing yards?



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