EMBA Program Rises for a Third Year in Financial Times Rankings


EMBA Program Rises for a Third Year in Financial Times Rankings

The EMBA program at Cambridge Judge, which is now in its eighth year, celebrated being eligible to be ranked by the Financial Times for the third time this year. The executive master’s in business administration program ranked 15th, up nine places from 24th last year. In the survey, Cambridge Judge ranked 5th at 82% for students who had achieved their career goals through completing the program. MBA programs are currently one of the most popular degree courses, thanks to their versatility and coverage of a wide range of topics and modules which can lead students into a variety of different career paths. 

Unique Identity

Dean of the school, Christopher Loch, responded to the Financial Times ranking of Cambridge Judge, saying that the school was pleased to be recognized for their work in creating an exceptional EMBA program. He went on to say that the course is the result of the school’s ‘carving out a unique identity’ which brings both academic excellence and an entrepreneurial framework together in order to address real-world issues dealt with by business executives. He reported that their EMBA program is going from strength to strength. However, he also asked readers to note that their strategy is not dictated by rankings, as they do not reflect all of the various things that the program is being used to achieve. 

What to Look For

If you are thinking of applying to business school in order to study for an MBA, knowing what to look for is important. Making sure that you take the right course for you is vital when it comes to getting the results that you need from your return to college. MBA courses are available to study both online and offline or full- and part-time. For those wishing to complete an MBA whilst remaining in work, online MBA programs can be a good choice. It’s also important to consider other factors when applying to colleges, for example whether they will provide you with work experience opportunities, and the employers which recruit directly from the business school. 

Why Study for an MBA?

Studying for an EMBA or MBA isn’t an easy task, but the grueling nature of the course still doesn’t put off thousands of applicants at business schools such as Cambridge Judge and the University of Maryland, which offers an online MBA program, each year. It’s easy to see why more and more students are opting to go on to study for this program, with MBA graduates currently being in higher demand than ever before amongst various different industries. MBA graduates can often find much more highly paid entry-level positions than those with no postgraduate qualifications or an alternative degree, and finding a job after graduation is usually not as difficult. Along with that, an MBA can offer many opportunities for career progression and even career change within the business and financial industries. 

Cambridge Judge’s EMBA program is increasing in popularity, and other business schools are following suit. As the demand for MBA programs grows amongst both businesses and students, more colleges are stepping up their game when it comes to this course.




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