Big 12 will take top 2 teams for title game, no divisions


Big 12 will take top 2 teams for title game, no divisions

Only the best will do for the Big 12 after the conference announced it is going to forgo the creation of divisions instead going with the two best teams in the conference for its championship game.

As a reminder, the Big 12 "co-sponsored" legislation that allows conferences with less than 12 members to hold conference title games.

This seems like a very pragmatic and simple way of approaching the issue. Not to mention the issues inherent in deciding which schools end up in which division. If the league's top team enters the game undefeated and loses to a second-place team with two (or more) losses, it's doubtful that No. 2 team would be considered for the Playoff barring chaos in the other four Power Five conferences.

If new Big 12 rule would've been in place a year ago, we would've had that Bedlam blowout in Stillwater, followed by a rematch 7 days later.

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said with the 10-team league's round-robin schedule that he expects the Big 12 champion to be uniquely positioned for College Football Playoff consideration. "I would argue there will be no path more hard than our champion's".

Not playing in divisions guarantees the 13th game for the participants will match the two best in conference play, and the victor will have a significant win in its bid to make the College Football Playoff.

Still others, myself included, think the real problem here isn't with the decision to play 1 vs. 2.

A site for the title game will be announced soon.

Bowlsby has said a championship game could net the league at least an additional $27 million in revenue a year.

Big 12 football coaches had voted 7-3 to split into two divisions, but the decision was made by the presidents and athletic directors.

The only thing we do know, this story isn't over yet, and won't be until the first championship game in 2017. After the Cowboys were housed by 35 at their own house, the only Bedlam one week later would have involved fans canceling travel plans to San Antonio or Arlington.

But it will at least ensure that the Big 12's best meet on its biggest stage.



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