Seattle Seahawks' Jarran Reed Exceeds Expectations In NFL Rookie Season


Seattle Seahawks' Jarran Reed Exceeds Expectations In NFL Rookie Season

Jarran Reed is quickly becoming one of the biggest breakout stars of this new NFL season; that isn’t to say that no one expected anything from him. However, none of the NFL betting predictions online suggested that he would end up doing so well.

The Seattle Seahawks had a great season in 2015, primarily because of their rushing defense, which everyone agrees was the best amongst all the teams playing last season. One essential component of that defense was defensive tackle Brandon Mebane.

Considering the essential contribution he made to the Seahawks in 2015, they weren’t exactly impressed by his departure. Mebane, a nine-year veteran, signed a contract with the San Diego Chargers as a free agent, a move that left many Seahawks fans disappointed.

Many such fans raised concerns and worries about the approach the team would take to filling the void left by Mebane. The Seahawks’ answer to this issue was Jarran Reed. Reed was chosen in the second round of the NFL draft in April, and Seahawks fans were probably a little trepidatious as the new season approached, probably shaken by the potential for a disaster in the form of Jarran Reed.

Sufficing to say, Reed has all his critics eating their words. Reed has started both of the games that Seattle has played so far this season, and he has delivered on the potential the Seahawks saw in him, the team having given up a total of 128 rushing yards.

You cannot deny the results the upcoming star has delivered so far. Looking at the statistics, the Seahawks clearly have the best total defense and scoring defense, and the NFK rankings prove as much

Seattle has had two good games and Reed has been right at the center of that success. Coach Pete Carroll said as much during the Press Conference on Wednesday. He described Reed as a positive factor for the team, one that made a couple of tackles and definitely held his own in the position entrusted to him.

The coach also appreciated Reed’s discipline. There are so many first-year players’ mistakes that Reed could have made and gotten away with; the fact that he has done so many things right in so many situations proves his potential.

A physically impressive athlete, whether or not Reed continues to perform on this level in the future, there is no denying that he brought his best in the first two weeks of the season.

Reed’s current stretch of success was not guaranteed a few weeks ago. The preseason was ruined by an injury scare for Reed. An aggravated ankle and toe injury put him in a walking boot. He ended up missing the third preseason game, though he, fortunately, recovered in time to help Seattle attain victory at the start of the regular season.

Reed had two tackles and knocked down two passes in Seattle’s opening game against the Miami Dolphins (which they won). Reed sounded like he was pleased with his performance so far when he spoke to reporters recently.

His teammates were definitely enthusiastic about what he had done so far. There are big things waiting over the Horizon for Reed if he continues to play so well. 



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