Bomb suspect vowed 'death to your oppression,' feds say


Bomb suspect vowed 'death to your oppression,' feds say

Ahmad Rahami [CNN profile], the suspect in last week's bombings in NY and New Jersey [USA Today timeline], was charged [complaint, PDF] in the US District Court for the Southern District of NY [official website] Tuesday.

Rahami was arrested not far from Elizabeth, where his family lived above their storefront First American Fried Chicken restaurant.

The White House says President Barack Obama was briefed throughout the night and early Monday on the investigation into bombs found in New York City and New Jersey.

Rahami was shot and captured on Monday in Linden, New Jersey, just four hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigation released his mugshot and sent an emergency cellphone alert to millions of people.

A neighbor prompted the 2014 inquiry after a dispute at the Rahami home, telling authorities he heard the father call his son a "terrorist" and heard the father say Rahami's associates overseas may have been trying to procure explosives.

According to the court complaints, Rahami's journal included a passage that accused the US government of slaughtering Muslim holy warriors in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

Investigators don't believe the two men who handled the luggage are part of Rahami's plot, but still want to question them.

"It's not realistic to say every time someone comes on the radar, you're going to be able to follow them. for an extended period of time, while you have investigations that are on the front-burner involving people who are demonstrably unsafe".

Mr. Rahami's writings, which ramble at times, indicate he took inspiration from those who urge attacks on "nonbelievers, " one official said. Authorities say his head was grazed by bullet or shrapnel as the officers exchanged gunfire with suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami. They said he worked there until September 12, but didn't identify the store.

When he was arrested, Rahami was carrying a journal with handwritten praise for Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden.

"We're probably going to find out this individual had more contact than most, because we're now learning that these bombs were significantly more sophisticated than those used by the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston", Levitt said.

Mr Rahami has been charged in relation to the NY explosion and another device that exploded harmlessly hours earlier near a race in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

On the other hand, federal prosecutors are looking for the motives behind the blasts and whether Rahami belongs to an internal cell or has links to foreign groups that seek to plan larger attacks in NY and New Jersey. She had left the USA for Pakistan in June, one of the officials said, and by virtue of the actions of her husband she has now been flagged for possible terror ties.

A previous partner of Rahami sued him for full custody of their child on Tuesday, court documents show.

Rahami worked as an unarmed night guard for two months in 2011 at an Associated Press administrative technology office in Cranbury, New Jersey, the wire service reports. At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.

Licata introduces evidence indicating that Rahami's relatives were aware of, and possibly involved, in the scheme. Thirty-one people were injured, including a driver knocked unconscious by the blast and a woman who had wood shards embedded in her neck. An unexploded pressure-cooker bomb was found blocks away - with Rahami's fingerprints on it and his face captured by a nearby surveillance camera, according to the court complaints. The courthouse has also hosted numerous other terrorism trials, including those stemming from failed plots to bomb New York City landmarks in 1993 and bring down a dozen USA jets over the Far East in 1995.

(New Jersey State Police via AP).

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