Why TV and Films should Modernise their Portrayal of Gambling for today's Audiences


Why TV and Films should Modernise their Portrayal of Gambling for today's Audiences

Anyone who has ever watched a gambling scene on television or in a movie will know that they are usually shown as extremely thrilling and exciting situations that the main protagonists are forced into in a bid to redeem themselves. 

No matter the setting, these iconic images as seen through TV and film sadly no longer reflect the true nature of gambling in the modern age. The gambling industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy thanks to widespread adoption on mobile devices.

So why should the film and TV industries modernise their portrayal of gambling for today’s Audiences? The answer to that is that while television shows and movies are a form of escape, they are also a commentary on life as we know it, and the numbers of mobile gamblers and players of games such as online bingo alone are enough to demand recognition.

The rise to Dominance of Online and Mobile Gambling

There are many reasons why the online and mobile gambling market as exploded over the past decade. The increase in the number of mobile devices is the most key. The increase in the number of handsets owned, improvements in specs, mobile internet connection and Wi-Fi hotspots has all lead to an increase in accessibility to areas of the internet that used to be saved for desktop computers only. 

This has allowed the average player access to online gambling on the move whether that is a quick flutter in the pub or even a few spins on a roulette wheel. Companies such as Royal Vegas Casino are just one of many to tap into this market, quickly creating their mobile app casino to improve accessibility to 100’s of casino games while on the move for the entire player base. 

Another reason for the rise to dominance is the sheer number of offers and promotions available to every player above the age of 18. Whether you are playing bingo, casino games or betting on your favourite sports team, the access to free bets and affiliate sites to give you them is infinite. 

The Reality of Modern-Day Gambling

The reality of today’s gambling industry is that not only has the setting changed from the opulent casinos of Las Vegas or Monaco, the player demographics have also shifted massively. The availability of gambling games on mobile platforms and their popularity means a vast majority of people may occasionally like to take a punt. 

From online bingo to app-based slot games, there are many operators that will let you play for real money, which classes it as gambling.

This is the biggest reason why TV and films should modernise their portrayal of gambling for today’s audiences. Because today, those gamblers on screen could easily be anyone of us, taking part in a spot of gambling on our mobile phone or tablet while on the bus to work!



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