Which Degrees Should You Pursue for a Company Leadership Role?


Which Degrees Should You Pursue for a Company Leadership Role?

Being hired directly into a managerial position is not the norm, and neither is being hired for a higher level position without a degree and/or some substantial experience. In other words, good luck on waltzing into a retail outlet and becoming the manager just because you want to be. The person in charge of hiring you is going to want to see some credentials, as you probably expected. So which degrees should you go after if you want to be in a position to apply for a management job? Start with these and you'll be on the right track: 

1. Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the one degree that will look best on your resume if you're applying for management level positions. The name of the degree pretty much sums up your capabilities and immediately labels you as a potential asset to most businesses. The great news is that some of the top online MBA programs (i.e. - Northeastern University's) can be completed as quickly as 2 years and the courses consist 100% online curriculum, allowing you to work on your own schedule from anywhere there's internet access.

2. Master of Science in Finance

Of course, businesses want to know that you know how to manage money professionally. What better way is there to say “I'm a money managing master” than adding the term “Master of Science in Finance” to your résumé? The cool part is you can earn one of these degrees alongside an MBA using a dual degree program like the one offered through NEU's AACSB online MBA program. Although an MBA will introduce you to similar financial topics, earning an MF as well will show that you're especially skilled in the financial department, and if you can do both at the same time, why not put in the extra effort?

3. Master of Science in Communications

Knowing how to communicate*-* is another essential trait that companies look for when they compare candidates for leadership roles. As today's companies are becoming increasingly tech dependent, it also helps that this degree will prepare you to deal with digital communications as well, with introductory courses to basic programming languages included alongside comprehensive approaches to writing and speech. Furthermore, while the degree itself serves as a great badge to get you in the door, the knowledge gained will also help you do well during interviews and your first days on the job when positive first impressions are critical.

You Can't Go Wrong with All Three 

When a hiring manager is looking at an application or résumé, the above three degrees are practically free tickets to an interview. An individual having all three is probably one of the most employable company leaders you'll find. The trifecta of these degrees achieves the much needed effect of portraying you as a master of business administration, finance, and communication – pretty much the entire skill set every company is looking for in a CEO. Best of all, you can earn these degrees online in as little as 2 years on your own schedule.




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