Team USA Accidentally Went to a Brothel in Rio


Team USA Accidentally Went to a Brothel in Rio

The problem arises when, as members of arguably the most famous Olympic team in Rio, somebody finds out, as they always do.

As for what happened inside, the players were only seen hanging at the bar.

With USA Basketball in Brazil set to defend their medal, some of the players on the team made a decision to go out for a nice evening of relaxation at the spa.

According to TMZ, DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, DeMar DeRozan and three other players went to the brothel thinking it was a spa. They headed to a building they thought was a spa.

Both the USA rugby and gymnastics teams got a chance to hang out inside the practice facility and take it all in, but it's safe to assume that those kids peeking in got a little more out of the experience.

Centaurus and Rio's other high-end brothels, like Monte Carlo, Solarium and 4×4, are known as termas - which means they're ostensibly spas. As for their purchases, the guys "bought booze, nothing more".

So, three National Basketball Association stars walked into a brothel thinking it's a spa - that's not the start of a joke.

The report goes on to state that the brothel will tell customers over the phone that it's a spa that plays music, has a full bar, and only serves male patrons.



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