Former NFL QB Tim Tebow turns to MLB


Former NFL QB Tim Tebow turns to MLB

People have been talking about Tim Tebow for a while now, with conversations turning to the plans he might have for the future and the direction he might take now that his NFL career is all but dead. While online NFL betting odds will not exactly be worse for the wear because of his absence, there are certainly NFL fans that will miss the presence of this former football star.

And it isn’t like Tebow will completely disappear from the sports arena, what with his plans to give baseball a fair shake. 

Rumors about Tim’s intentions were confirmed when the former quarterback’s agents reached out to ESPN, revealing that Tebow had already begun training in Arizona and Los Angeles.

Tebow isn’t completely new to the field of baseball. However, it is worth noting that he hasn’t indulged in the sport for any notable amount of time since 2005. That might explain why he is engaging in so much training.

Naturally, the EX-NFL player has a long way to go with regards to perfecting his hitting and outfield skills before he can prove truly useful on the diamond. Jimmy Sexton, the agent, not only expressed his support for any decision Tebow made with regards to his sports career, but he also confirmed that his client’s workout, open to all the MLB teams, would be held at the end of the month.

Tebow has nurtured a lot of skills during his lucrative career in the NFL; his leadership and work ethic, not to mention his physical prowess, will serve him well in the game of baseball. 

No one expects this particular road to present anything other than challenges. Shifting between sports takes a lot of will and determination. Luckily for Tim, he has a level of competitiveness, passion, and desire that will compel him to overcome any difficulties baseball has to offer.

For any other renowned NFL player, the idea of playing baseball might seem ludicrous. However, Tebow is only 28 years old. He has more than enough time to adapt to the world of baseball.

Then again, Tebow might be overestimating his abilities if he thinks he can pick up the bat and join a minor league team after so many years spent playing football. Even considering his prowess at the game in high school, this is no easy feat that he is undertaking. 

No one is going to tell Tebow not to pursue his dream, and it wouldn’t be right if they did. With his NFL career gone, it makes all the sense in the world for Tebow to put his talents to other uses in the sports arena.

And there are numerous sports fans willing to support him in his efforts. Brodie Van Wagenen (Creative Artists Agency co-head), in particular, doesn’t think that people should so quickly dismiss Tebow’s dreams as a publicity stunt. 

Tim Tebow has garnered a lot of fans throughout his football career. And they know how hard he works. Even if his skills are a little lacking, Tebow has a lot of fame to his name, fame that some clubs might find enticing enough to give him the shot he needs.



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