Trump introduces Pence as VP: 'A solid, solid person'


Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson says that Donald Trump made the right choice when he selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, describing the ticket as "anti-establishment, but not insane".

"We were prepared to respond with the many ways in which Mike Pence is the most extreme pick in a generation-a doubling down of Trump's divisive rhetoric and policies". She led Barack Obama because I don't think he knew anything; I think he relied on her. "I feel that", he said.

Stu Rothenberg, founder of The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report, said the men felt less like partners and more like Pence's role was that of a public relations professional, interrupting here and there to guide the conversation back on message.

Trump said Pence was "entitled to make a mistake every once in a while", but when it came to Clinton: "She's not".

Pence, standing alone in front of ten American flags, hewed closely to the populist themes that Trump has voiced on the campaign trail, describing himself as "really just a small-town boy".

He claimed that while Mr Pence had endorsed Mr Trump's party rival Ted Cruz in Indiana's primary, the governor also praised Mr Trump as he did so. But Pence said he would "have no hesitation, were I privileged to be vice president, to walk into the president's office, close the door, and share my heart".

Trump has continued to claim on the campaign trail that he was opposed to the Iraq War before the USA launched its invasion - and the "60 Minutes" interview that aired Sunday once again raised the specter of that contradiction.

Trump returned for a round of photos with the Trump and Pence families.

"But she's not?" Stahl asked, referencing Clinton.

As Pence tried to pivot to calling Trump a "good man who's been talking about the issues the American people care about", Trump interjected. "I also admire the fact that he fights for the people and he's going to fight for you".

Trump attacked NAFTA, a trade agreement that Pence supported.

"I might not apologize", Trump added. "I might not do that". John McCain is not a hero because he was captured after being shot down over Hanoi during the Vietnam War. "He said he wants an "active" vice president".

The division in the New Jersey Republican party's ranks comes as Christie, who was passed over this week after being vetted to be Trump's running mate in favor of Indiana Gov.

Melina Fox, Pence's Democratic challenger in 2002, said that his statements in the race were "calculated and thought-out".

Trump held a midnight conference call with his top aides to discuss the situation, according to two people with knowledge of the call.

"I think Thursday night's a critical night for him, delivering a great speech, the balloon drop, the people in this country saying, 'I can see Donald Trump being in the White House".

But he added that Republicans were already more unified "than the press lets on".

Some voters don't mind the idea of a VP Pence.

Trump, your VP supported the war in Iraq.

"He's honest and he's sincere but in a amusing way", said Ida Shelly, 81, Westland, also an alternate delegate for Kasich.

"The fact of the matter is that when they (Democrats) take a sigh of relief that their nominee wasn't indicted three weeks before their national convention, you understand how low the Democratic Party has sunk", he said. Stahl asked. But Trump jumped in.



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