Solar plane flies over Egypt pyramids on globe-circling trip


The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Cairo today for the penultimate stop in the solar-powered plane's world tour, two days after setting off from Spain.

Solar Impulse 2 landed in Cairo Wednesday after a two day long flight from Seville, Spain.

Swiss pilots and adventurers Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, who set out past year to circumnavigate the globe fueled only by the sun, alternate legs of the journey.

Together with the 50 megawatt capacity Valle 1 and Valle 2 plants also located in Spain, Gemasolar is one of Masdar's most prominent global projects exemplifying Abu Dhabi's commitment to driving the clean technology needed to secure sustainable energy for populations around the world.

The total flight time was 48 hours and 51 minutes and Solar Impulse 2 covered 2,303 mi (3,706 km) entirely under solar power provided by the panels on the wings and lithium-ion batteries during the hours of darkness.

Borschberg spoke to from the cockpit of Solar Impulse 2 about 8 hours into the flight when the plane was flying over the Mediterranean north of Algeria.

Ideal flight speed is about 45.06 kph (28 mph), although that can double during the day when the sun's rays are strongest.

Daniel the Solar Impulse 2 left Seville, Spain today and is now headed for Cairo.

However, shortly after takeoff the plane experienced technical difficulties and the Solar Impulse team had to decide whether to continue the risky flight across a vast expanse of ocean or turn back to Japan. "This is what we can do with these new technologies".

Borschberg said he felt emotional knowing that they are about to make the final journey in the plane.

The experimental aircraft took off from Seville at 6:20 AM (0420 GMT). "I've started to think about it", Borschberg told



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