Sen. Dan Coats calls Ted Cruz a 'self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar'


Sen. Dan Coats calls Ted Cruz a 'self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar'

Newt Gingrich soon came on and tried to fix the rift by trying to convince the crowd Cruz really had endorsed Trump.

The New York delegation's prime seats in front of the Republican National Convention stage put it within shouting distance of Cruz as the crowd grew restless when it was clear he wouldn't be endorsing Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee.

There was also a speech from PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel, who became the first delegate to reference his sexuality in an address at a Republican convention.

"I appreciate the enthusiasm of the NY delegation", Cruz said.

"A big middle finger to this entire convention", said Shaun Ireland, a Texas delegate, just minutes later on the convention floor. Refusing to endorse Trump doesn't make Cruz a "coward" or, in the words of alleged human Ann Coulter, "a little bitch"; it makes Cruz the last man in the state of OH who has any idea what the hell is going on.

He "will fight for equal pay and equal work" for women, she said, "and I will fight for it right alongside of him".

Campaign officials say that Miller, more than anyone else on the campaign, has achieved a mind-meld with the candidate, capable of channeling Mr. Trump's blunt, short sentences into well-argued addresses with stylistic flourish.

At least one person in the audience believed Cruz should look beyond insults on the primary campaign trail and shouted at him: "This is politics".

"I am doing what millions of Americans are doing".

Trump was introduced by his daughter Ivanka, who announced a childcare policy proposal that the campaign had not mentioned before.

Cruz is already positioning himself to run again for the White House in 2020 and discouraged supporters from casting a vote for him this fall. "The press isn't being nice to me, I'm not going to hold any more press conferences?"

In his speech, Trump offered little in the way of details about his policies but rather portrayed himself as a fresh alternative to traditional politicians, willing to consider new approaches to vexing problems and help working-class people who may feel abandoned.

For all of Cruz's dramatics, Trump is still in firm control of the party's message and its ability to rally its leaders for a tough fight against Hillary Clinton and Democrats.

"And to those listening, please, don't stay home in November", Cruz said. His nominating event has been consumed by a plagiarism charge, unusually harsh criticism of Clinton, and Texas Sen.

During their vicious contest, Trump re-tweeted an unflattering picture of Cruz's wife Heidi Cruz and even suggested that the senator's dad was somehow involved in JFK's assassination.

"He would talk to them and then draw upon his extensive network to find them a job or get them a break", she said. This week was Donald Trump's chance to show those not yet in his camp that he can indeed lead the nation to a more prosperous, secure and principled future. "The day that was abrogated was the day this became personal". Trump repeatedly and mercilessly called Cruz a liar.

As president, Trump said he would defend allies against Russian aggression only after first ensuring they had met their financial commitments.

Trump told a pro-gun crowd that Clinton wanted to "essentially abolish" the Second Amendment without offering evidence. On Thursday morning, Trump and Ivanka took the stage in preparation for his nomination acceptance speech, but right now a lot of attention is on Texas Sen.

"Ted Cruz said you can vote your conscience, for anyone who would uphold the Constitution", Gingrich said. This was the American people who selected him.

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