RNC boss: Tebow won't speak at GOP convention


RNC boss: Tebow won't speak at GOP convention

El Paso's Republican delegates are making final preparations to attend the Republican National Convention next week in Cleveland. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign. "I think you're seeing the process of unification start".

The struggle by conservatives for an 11th-hour derailment of Donald Trump's drive for the Republican presidential nomination is gasping for breath, although a leader of the effort is promising to fight on - but is shifting her tactics.

Justin Smith, Sandusky County's Republican Party chairman, said he did not know anybody else in the county who will be traveling to the convention. "We're in a day and age now where it's a polarizing time in our nation and it's an exciting opportunity to be part of history".

Simpson said he does not expect that to happen among Texas delegates.

She'll be one of about 2,300 alternate delegates from around the country, joining with 2,470 Republican delegates and thousands of visitors and media in the downtown Cleveland area. "It's one of those things where people who haven't been traditionally involved are going to be interested".

The options are limited, and attempts to cause trouble at political conventions are usually quickly thwarted.

"Trump will get his way in the end", Pitney said. He attended the last national convention in 2012 in Tampa. Marco Rubio. Those numbers could change if either Cruz or Rubio, who are no longer candidates, releases his delegates in an effort to unify the convention around Trump. "Donald Trump is the nominee and he's what the American people and the Republican Party signed on for, and we need to support him".

In fact, a few minutes earlier, the committee voted by a 87-12 margin to include rules language specifically stating that delegates were required to vote based on their states' primary and caucus results.

But Manafort said that months of "conjecture" by Trump's opponents should give way in the coming days to party unity. "Mr. Trump has already stated he is not going to play the special interest game anymore".

Hawaii delegate Nathan Paikai, who wore a Make America Great Again hat as he said he was at his first Rules Committee to support Trump, came close to tears as he asked why Republicans would not simply unite behind Trump.

This misinformation option seems most likely with Tebow, who has political aspirations, opting to avoid getting the stink of Trump on him, also viable.

Smith looking forward to the major event, but admits she's also feeling a little uneasy.

Adams said she wanted the presumptive nominee to talk about the economy and the military when he addresses the convention.

To me, the interesting question is what portion of the NeverTrumpers will actively work to defeat Trump.



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