Pokemon Go launches in Hong Kong


Financial details have not been disclosed, but McDonald's said that about 400 of its 2,900 restaurants in the country are designated as "gyms" where players can battle on their smartphones. His comments were edited for space and clarity.

The free-to-download augmented reality smartphone game already earns money from in-game purchases.

In southwestern Japan, the city of Kumamoto has asked Nintendo Co., one of the developers of the game, to exclude the quake-hit Kumamoto Castle from the game's virtual map, after a man in his 20s was found trying to enter an off-limits area there. That's the wonderful, fantastic point about this application.

Another tip is to keep an eye of the weather, so you don't get caught in a storm while you play.

Indeed, as reported by BBC, "Pokemon GO" has finally reached the aforementioned country.

A recent update on the viral Reddit thread 'Pokemon GO Release Status - Asia' suggests that the geo-block for Taiwan and some parts of Korea was removed as Niantic's global release date draws closer and closer with every passing day. The company had been reluctant to license its popular characters for games on other devices, but Pokemon Go's viral success is expected to accelerate its diversification.

The origin of "Pokemon Go" is as peculiar as any of the Voltorbs or Snorlaxes that players track and capture in the surprise hit game. Nintendo has about a 13% stake in the game. The Japanese game maker, in partnership with Game Freak, released the original Pokemon game in the mid-1990s, and owns the trademarks to all the game's characters.

If you have been following the news in the past week or so, you probably would have thought it was a great time to buy Nintendo shares.

So any earnings from Pokemon Go make their way to The Pokemon Co through a filtered process, details of which aren't public. He downloaded the game as soon as a school exam ended Friday morning. The country's National Center for Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) told users of the mobile game not to use their real names and warned them about the risks of heat stroke in the muggy Japanese summer.

And amid widespread anticipation before the release in Japan, the government issued a rare safety guide warning over dangers gamers could face, from heat stroke to online scams. Niantic Chief Executive John Hanke has said it would be technically possible to launch there, but noted a host of complex rules and restrictions.



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