Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift Feud A Publicity Stunt After All?


You know, I was next to him at the VMAs that year...

First, she gave her all in a performance of her "Jennifer Lopez: All I Have" show, which was attended by Cristiano Ronaldo, L.A. Reid, Iggy Azalea, John Stamos, and French Montana.

"He was so remorseful".

Back then, after that happened stars went on to boycott Kanye's work. Swift themselves to Lady Gaga canceling their "Fame Kills" tour. The 1989 star maintains that she never heard the part "I made that bitch famous", though on the call she does say, "You honestly didn't know who I was before that".

Last week, the reality TV mogul showed video of Kanye calling Taylor over that "Famous" lyric ahead of The Life of Pablo's release, after Taylor denied ever getting a heads up.

On the flip side, she called West out for not treating her the same way when he launched the controversial "Famous Video". The videos seem to record Kanye telling Swift about the song and some of the lyrics that would be in it.

However after the video was posted Taylor took to Instagram to say that Kanye had never mentioned he would refer to her as a "bitch" in the song.

Just because Rose is defending West in some regards when it comes to the song, she didn't waste any time slamming him for using a naked likeness of her in the video for the same song. Amber Rose, whose wax figure goods were on full display for all to see, just wants to know, what's up with not getting a phone call about the whole thing? "I mean, Taylor gets a call but I don't get a call".

If you already can't tell, Muva Rosebud is exhausted of talking about her ex and added, "Please stay the f**k out of the news so I don't have to talk about your a** no more".



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