Clinton Set to Receive Sanders Endorsement Before 'Hamilton' Fundraiser


Clinton Set to Receive Sanders Endorsement Before 'Hamilton' Fundraiser

Sanders - who opposed going to war against Iraq - gave his support to Clinton on Tuesday morning after a contentious primary election.

Presumptive Democratic nominee for United States president Hillary Clinton has been given a major boost after Bernie Sanders threw his support behind her.

"The bottom line for us is about unity (and the Democratic) party working together this fall to defeat Donald Trump and the Republican Party", Henry said.

The internet was quick to pick up on Sanders' perceived discomfort, and rushed to quip about it. Sanders beat Clinton during a primary contest in the Granite State by 22 percentage points.

Trump ridiculed the move in a series of Twitter posts, saying Sanders had abandoned the supporters who flocked to his insurgent campaign to rein in Wall Street and get big money out of politics. But Sanders made his own reasoning transparent on Tuesday.

Clinton said that in recent weeks she has worked with Sanders on plans "so future students won't have to borrow a dime to attend public colleges or universities" and on "expanding Social Security to match today's realities, not cut or privatize it".

Lou Agre, a Sanders delegate from Philadelphia, called the Democrats' platform, which Sanders had a significant hand in crafting "the most progressive platform in our party's history. And there is no doubt in my mind that as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that", Sanders continued as Clinton stood to his right nodding in agreement to his comments.

With a huge smile, the former U.S. secretary of state embraced Mr Sanders and they raised their arms in a traditional show of unity in front of thousands of people.

Sanders told his supporters their "political revolution" must now turn to electing Clinton.

For months, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have locked horns on the campaign trail, argued during debates and expressed concerns over each other's policies.

The intention of the rally was to unify the Democratic Party, but it was a tough sell for some of Sanders' most ardent supporters.



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