Clinton calls for unity after week of deadly shootings


In a statement on Friday, Mr. Trump focused on the slain police officers in Dallas and played down the black victims in Louisiana and Minnesota from earlier in the week.

Both presidential candidates scrapped political events hours after the officers were gunned down by a former Army reservist during a protest over fatal police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

"They're not just police officers, they're mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, son and daughters", he said.

The need to create guidelines for use of force by police and stand behind police departments across the country are not mutually exclusive, Clinton said.

"We must restore law and order".

Trump's Virginia campaign chair blamed Hillary Clinton for the shootings in a Facebook post he later deleted, writing that "liberal politicians who label police as racists" were largely to blame for "encouraging the murder" of the police officers. Racial division have gotten worse, not better.

"Those who were marching against the kind of shocking images we saw in St Paul and Baton Rouge? and have seen too often elsewhere?of too many black lives lost", he said. "At the same time we need communities to feel they can trust the police". "She has got blood on her hands from Benghazi", said Al Baldasaro from New Hampshire.

However, she also said Americans must "acknowledge that implicit bias still exists across society and even in the best police departments".

"Look what happened in Dallas: Those police officers were protecting a peaceful protest, a protest of authority".

"We'll make it clear when deadly force is warranted, and when it isn't".

Clinton said the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are just the latest in a "long and painful list" of African-Americans killed in police confrontations - 123 so far this year, she noted.

Clinton said churchgoers, in particular, could play a "special role" in bringing people together.

Hillary Clinton on Friday called for the nation to come together in the aftermath of an ambush that killed five police officers in Dallas, Texas, warning that this "absolutely horrific event" -- coupled with a series of recent shootings involving police officers -- "should worry every single American". It appears more prevalent in some parts of the country than others, but we'll all benefit from consistent police protocols that yield public confidence and safety.

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each reacted Friday to the deadly police shootings in Dallas.

Clinton campaigned with President Barack Obama on Tuesday and her appearance with Biden in Pennsylvania, a general election battleground state, had been aimed at building party unity before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The response to the shootings from some of Trump's fellow Republicans was also notable. Bernie Sanders of Vermont for their support of Black Lives Matter, telling Fox News that "all American lives matter of all backgrounds". "If you are (black and) arrested in a drug-related crime, there is four times more likelihood of going to prison than if you are white".



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