Area birth is first in Texas with Zika virus


Area birth is first in Texas with Zika virus

Zika virus only causes symptoms in about one out of every five cases. Tests showed she was infected with the Zika virus.

She went to her doctor three days after her return, after developing common Zika sypmtoms such as fever, fatigue, rash and back pain. Everybody has a role to play in reducing the risk of Zika virus disease. Since 2015, 48 countries have reported their first zika outbreaks, according to WHO.

The state has been testing humans for the mosquito-borne virus since April, but now it will test mosquitoes directly at the Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services. In addition, the woman involved in the case started her period shortly after they had sex. However, health officials still want people to be vigilant about protecting against mosquito bites, whether overseas or local, especially pregnant women. Chikungunya virus, which is similar to Dengue, symptoms-wise, and is also transmitted by mosquitos, is like Zika in that previously people who contracted it had traveled overseas.

In addition, the CDC plans to update its recommendation for sexually active couples in which the woman is not pregnant.

The CDC now recommends that men who've had Zika use a condom or abstain from sex for six months after their illness.

Gov. Tom Wolf's office announced the launch of the prevention kit program for pregnant women on Thursday.

The health commissioner said 38 Zika cases have been reported in Virginia while more than 1,100 patients with the virus have been seen throughout the U.S. There is no vaccine for Zika, which is relatively new to the Western Hemisphere.

Zika can spread through bites of an infected mosquito and sexual intercourse. The health department is not releasing the cities of residency for the women because they didn't contract the virus in the U.S. "If they haven't prepared well and are not wearing DEET, they may come in contact with mosquitoes that have the Zika virus".

However, any efforts to slow spread of the virus may in fact prolong the current epidemic, the researchers warned.

"Many people are hard at work because responding to Zika requires a true community response".

Some experts said the case isn't surprising.



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