Apple iOS 9.3.3


Apple iOS 9.3.3

It found that a vulnerability in Apple's Image I/O API system allows the way that a certain TIFF file, a kind of image, is rendered to be hijacked. According to the security experts, hackers can exploit the weakness by sending malicious TIFF files via iMessages, MMS messages, websites and other applications which use ImageIO for processing images. So far, Apple did not address the problem for OS X Mavericks or Yosemite.

All you need to do is update your device to Apple's latest release, iOS 9.3.3, which was rolled out a few days ago. Even though updates were available for the latest devices of Samsung and HTC, however, there were still numerous devices that remained vulnerable for a remarkable period of time.

Here's how to check if your device's operating system is up-to-date, and safe from the exploit. "The bottom line, therefore, is that your iDevice or Mac is nearly certainly vulnerable if you haven't installed the very latest update yet".

"Furthermore, depending on the delivery method chosen by an attacker, this vulnerability is potentially exploitable through methods that do not require explicit user interaction since many applications (i.e. iMessage) automatically attempt to render images when they are received in their default configurations", Talos notes.

Last year's Stagefright vulnerability, which could let someone control your Android phone with just a text, was a terrifying security hole that affected 95 per cent of all Android devices.

The security breech was discovered by Cisco Systems by designing a specific malware for vulnerability.

The bug's concept is almost identical to the Android Stagefright bug that was also discovered by Cisco past year.

The good news is that Apple did patch the image exploit before it had a chance to become more than a proof of concept, and the Talos crew waited until the patch was out to publish their findings. The latest version of tvOS is 9.2.2.

According to Apple, approximately 14% iOS devices run iOS 8 or versions earlier than that.

To update your iPhone manually, go to Settings General Software Update, and install the update.



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