This Comic Shows How Aggressive the Windows 10 Upgrade Can Be


This Comic Shows How Aggressive the Windows 10 Upgrade Can Be

Even before Windows 10's release in July 2015, Microsoft had been taking unprecedented steps to boost the new operating system's uptake, ranging from offering a free upgrade to planting the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app on millions of Windows 7 and 8.1 systems.

However, some users are dismissing the scheduled upgrade notification without reading it, said Anthony Doherty, the Windows business group lead for Microsoft South Africa. The "schedule your upgrade" window has no red X to allow users to close it, forcing them to pick one of those two options.

We posed questions about these complaints to Doherty.

However, clicking the red "X" only dismissed the notification window - it did not cancel the scheduled update. The only option that the users have is to either reschedule the installation or cancel it entirely. Instead, users are presented only with the choice of setting a date and time - being able to defer the Windows 10 installation by no more than a few days - or "start the upgrade now".

"This list includes a limited set of Windows Phone 8.1 devices and does not include some devices that are now running Windows 10 Mobile in the Windows 10 Mobile Insider program". Bill Gates might want to have a word with the company, after all, there is no point saving people from dying from Malaria if they are going to be killed off by a Windows 10 update.

To help encourage this migration, Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings support for a number of new management policies in Microsoft's newest browser.

Doherty said they are mindful of the broadband challenges in the South African market.

Even so, there's no doubting Microsoft's tactics in pushing Windows 10 have been controversial, to say the least, which is exactly why when this first emerged everybody was quick to anger - simply because it was largely believable given everything Redmond is doing to persuade folks to upgrade (including automatically firing up the upgrade for users who have Windows Update options set to install recommended updates).



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