Scotland chose the EU


Scotland chose the EU

Scotland is ready to resume the struggle for the independence from the UK.

Scottish Parliament is ready to harmonize the bill that will open the way to the exit from the UK. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will receive a formal right to start negotiations with the European Union about how this part of the United Kingdom may keep its EU membership. The referendum on Brexit (the UK leave from the EU block), which held last week undermines the situation inside the country.

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Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, warned that if the British government really will ask the authorities in Scotland to leave the EU, she will ask the members of the Scottish Parliament not to give "legal right" to withdraw from the European Union.

This initiative looks like a preparation of the public opinion. Many politicians say that the Scottish Parliament is not entitled to make such a decision.

"To block the decision Britain’s separation from the European Union is unlikely because the Parliament in Edinburgh does not have sufficient authority for such actions", believes Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative and unionist party.

David Mundell, a Scottish solicitor and member of the Conservative party, the UK Minister, on the question of whether Scotland is entitled to stop Brexit, said that he does not believe in the possibility of implementing such efforts and would like to learn the laws that govern such questions.

Adam Tomkins, MP of the British Parliament from the Conservative Party and a law professor, wrote on his Twitter, that the Scottish Parliament cannot block the outlet of Great Britain from the EU. "A lot of nonsense has appeared on whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to block or veto Brexit. They do not have such authority", he stated.




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