2016 summer ecommerce platform review


2016 summer ecommerce platform review

2016 summer ecommerce platform review

Picking a good software platform is as essential as any other thing when it comes to building an enterprise. The process to select the perfect one for your enterprise may be tiresome and difficult as the market is flooded with too many of these platforms, most of which have numerous advantages over the others. What makes it even more difficult it that there is little of information about these platforms making it almost impossible for you to compare them. Below is a list of some of the best ecommerce platforms you may want to consider having this summer.


Probably the most common and the easiest to use platform you will get online. It gives one the ability to develop a website completely from scratch very easily from its dashboard making it popular among businesses that are starting. What has even made it more popular is that it complies with Google’s SEO algorithm. The platform has linked with social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest which increases your market audience. 

Turnkey ecommerce website platforms

Your business website will surely have everything you want it to have if you use this platform. Its service plan is flexible and its images and texts have been optimized for industrial purposes. It has ready-made templates with extensive designs as well as powerful editing tools that enable you to create your business’s website in a matter of time.


If you are a B2B business or a B2C business, then this would be the best software for you. With a 14 day trial period that is completely free, SparkPay hosts over 5000 websites and has won numerous awards due to its magnificent services. Using just one backend, Sparkpay allows you to operate many shops at once. The software is completely webhosted and needs nothing more than a good browser and an internet connection to use.

Web Shop Manager

Web Shop Manager is an advanced ecommerce content management system (CMS) platform that offers unparalleled functionality and ease of use. Compared to in-house systems and open source alternatives, Web Shop Manager is a cost effective ecommerce solution that provides superior control and versatility.

With Web Shop Manager you can focus on running your business instead of wasting valuable time on website maintenance. Our intuitive platform is architected to empower you, the user, which helps alleviate the stress of managing a profitable online business.


This platform offers a 14 day trial period which is completely free hence you can try it out to see what we are talking about. We recommend it for any business that’s just starting as it offers friendly features that are user friendly and very easy to use. With this shopping cart, one can link and use up to over 200 payment providers. The shopping experience is real time and the ecommerce platform has linked with Facebook to create a store for the social  medium that enables making it easy for you to reach your Facebook customers. 


Using this platform is a breeze as it has inbuilt pre-programmed themes and templates that you can easily select and use. It has a 15 day trial period to allow you experience what it has to offer. The platform has an unlimited bandwidth to allow you to advertise your products, services and merchandise as much as you want to. Any of your customers can use this platform as it supports all currencies. The platform is of benefit to the enterprise owners in that it provides them with a dashboard that lets them analyse anything descriptively. 



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