'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 10?


'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 10?

"The Voice" is just one day shy of wrapping up its 10th season.

"The Voice" season 10 final four - Adam Wakefield, Hannah Husson, Laith Al-Saadi and Alisan Porter. Laith Al-Saadi will pair up with Joe Walsh, Hannah Huston with CeeLo Green, Alisan Porter with Jennifer Nettles and Adam Wakefield with Alison Krauss. Overall her song was both fun and original, with a lot of Hannah Huston clearly in the spotlight. The lyrics are simple, but one thing clear was that Alison has a wonderful voice. Levine, in fact, said that Porter has the voice that deserves to win.

The long-running show has long had a finale wherein all four coaches are represented by a finalist, making this year's finals even more exciting as all the coaches hold the same chances of winning. "I like all the different sides to you", Pharrell said. Her version was dark and moody. "That was so risky, but I think it's going to be a huge reward for you", Blake drawls. It's easily the best duet of all four contestant-coach pairings tonight. While Laith's voice couldn't match Adam's, he did show his musicality. "He sang, 'I Believe I Can Fly" on the Monday night finale performance show and blew everybody away. Both singers have powerful voices, but they didn't try to outdo each other so the result was quite handsome.

Wakefield was up again, this time with his original song, "Lonesome, Broken, and Blue", which he wrote on his own. He delivered a great, iconic country song, which resulted into getting a standing ovation from his enthusiastic coach, Blake. (Team Pharrell) - Hannah, a humble pre-school teacher, has been a consistent powerhouse throughout the season, belting soulful covers of Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman", "House of the Rising Sun" and more.

Ahead of the show Malorie took on the red carpet and met up with coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Hannah's coach Pharell Williams. Pharrell urged viewers to buy the song, and Levine said that Al-Saadi makes him happy because of how happy he is to be doing this.

Laith's original composition was a bluesy song titled "Morning Light".

"All I'm doing is enjoying my guy up there doing what he does with such purity of spirit and heart", says Adam. "I don't know it was just such an honor". Her song which was titled I Call the Shots was co-written with her coach, Pharell.

Cover: Presumptive victor Alisan Porter closes out the night with "Somewhere" from West Side Story.

The same fear surrounded clear frontrunner Jordan Smith heading into the finale last season, though he still went on to win.



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