NBA Playoff Odds Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder


As the Warriors looked for a response, Green attempted to go up strong for a jumper over Steven Adams, but as he elevated, Green flailed his legs in the air and make contact with Adams' groin area for the second straight game.

More importantly, the Warriors are in danger of having to play Game 4 without Green, who kicked Steven Adams in the groin for the second time this series. Afterward, Green had to answer for the low blow. "Like I said, I can see how someone thinks it was intentional". "Should the score get out of hand, well... I turned around, he's on the floor". The foul was upgraded to a flagrant-2 and will cost Green $25,000.

"Pretty much exactly the same", Warrior coach Steve Kerr said.

In these past two seasons in which his Golden State Warriors had taken over the National Basketball Association, the sight of the MVP resting in the final period after three-quarters of sheer dominance was as familiar as a Curry three or a Draymond Green arm flex.

Draymond Green and the Warriors can officially exhale.

"If I was throwing a shot, I'm not trying to kick somebody in the midsection", Green said. "Someone wants to have kids one day, I'm not trying to stop that", he said. "That don't make sense".

"We're not going to win that way", Golden State guard Klay Thompson said.

To say the Thunder was at its best Sunday night, though, would be an understatement. In Game 3 and a couple times last game, they rebounded the ball and they got extra shots, so we can't let them have that because they've got shooters all around the court.

The Thunder followed that up with a 45-point third quarter to stun the defending champs and were matter-of-fact about their dominating effort after the game.

Stephen Curry's 24 points over three quarters wasn't almost enough, as he didn't play in the fourth with the Warriors headed into the quarter trailing by 37.

The last time Golden State's Stephen Curry had played in Oklahoma City, he scored 46 points, tied an National Basketball Association record with 12 3-pointers and hit a game-winning, 37-footer.

The key to the small ball lineup for the Thunder is the same that has driven the success of the Warriors' small ball for the past two seasons - they still played great defense. He all but said politics, if not economics, came into play.

"Be physical. We got a physical team, an athletic team, and we have to use that to the best of our ability".

Westbrook posted a double-double - his 12th of the play-offs - with 30 points and 12 assists, as Durant had a game-high 33 points. The Warriors have faced similar deficits twice before since last season, and responded strongly each time, although admittedly neither of those opponents (the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference semifinals and the Cleveland Cavaliers in The Finals) were as healthy or strong as OKC is today. The Warriors are 12-0 following after taking an L this season, averaging 16 points per win; essentially blowing teams out. So, again, we have to play better personnel. For Stephen Curry and the Warriors, Game 4 is a do-or-die scenario with the possibility of their historic 73-win season ending along with their hopes to repeat as champions.

Curry, in comparison, was only 3 for 11 from 3-point range. He even had a rare shot from beyond the arc blocked, as Adams got a piece of it. Losing to the Thunder 133-105 in for the second game in a row to find themselves down 2-1 in the Western Conference Finals is bad.



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