Missouri voters get a say in big presidential primary day


USA liberal groups, divided in their support of Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have urged a united, active opposition to Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner.

Under the strategy developed by Mitt Romney, the 2012 presidential candidate of the party, the party establishment is rallying behind Kasich in OH and Senator Marco Rubio in Florida, who have the best chances of winning these winner- take-all States.

The surveys were conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research as voters left their polling places at 30 to 40 randomly selected sites in five states holding primary elections Tuesday.

Dubbed Super Tuesday Part II, 792 Democratic delegates and 358 Republican delegates are up for grabs on March 15.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Clinton was blaming Trump for the violence at his rallies.

The GOP contests (Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina): Of the other three contests, all of which allocate their delegates proportionally, Illinois and Missouri could be ripe for the picking for Cruz.

Immigrants feel uncomfortable and scared after the sudden rise of Donald Trump on the national political stage, an Indian-American doctor-cum-poet has said, adding that he wants to stop the controversial real estate tycoon from entering the White House. "We have had very, very little difficultly".

However, Kasich promised that when he does take on Trump over his campaign, it won't be negative, but it will be to point out "things that I've seen that are deeply disturbing in this process".

In Illinois, where Clinton grew up, he has singled out embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Clinton ally whose approval ranks have sunk amid criticism of his record on policing and high-profile battles with public sector unions. The mayor is now under fire for a police shooting scandal.

The bottom line: If Sanders or Trump (or any other candidate) is referring to head-to-head poll questions asked of registered voters nationwide, there's a lot of room for skepticism. "I've actually worked with her on that to put people back to work in the Mahoning Valley and all across the state", said Brown, who has endorsed Clinton in the Democratic race. While Florida and OH are the biggest prizes, MissouriIllinois, and North Carolina are also awarding a cache of delegates. He also said the disruptions were caused by professionals sent mostly by Bernie Sanders, but also Clinton.

She didn't disclose details, but strategists expect that it would involve a multi-faceted approach that would highlight Trump's incendiary comments about minorities, immigrants and particularly women - a move that would be aimed at not only boosting Clinton's support among women, but undercutting Trump's anticipated focus on Bill Clinton's past sexual misadventures. Sanders has 580 delegates when the count includes superdelegates.

The Quinnipiac poll shows Trump and Clinton leading across a wide swath of voters in their parties.

"I do hold him responsible", she said in an interview with MSNBC.

At his Rockford event, Cruz told journalists that Trump can't be trusted because he donated to Democrats, such as former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich - who's now in prison for corruption - and Emanuel. The delegates are awarded differently depending on the state. He will get all nine delegates from the United States territory.

Do I have to vote for the party I'm registered in?

At the moment, Trump only holds about a 90-delegate lead over Cruz, but if he wins every state today, his delegate lead over Cruz could easily grow to over 370.

IL offers an opportunity for several candidates to pick up delegates and to show they can win in one of the country's largest populated states.

The answer: Republicans are even more trusting of Trump as commander in chief than they were in December.

The message has resonated with voters particularly across the industrial Midwest.

Sanders' supporters have expressed negative assessments of Clinton for at least the past month, although as of now most of those Sanders voters say they would not desert her in a general election.





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