Core i5 Versions Of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Get $100 Price Cut


Core i5 Versions Of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Get $100 Price Cut

You can find out more details about the price reductions on Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 tablet at the link below, these are apparently only available for a limited time.

Microsoft has just announced a new price cut for the Surface Pro 4 lineup, but this time, only two models are getting the discount.

There are plenty of fans of Microsoft's Surface tablets, and the Surface Pro 4 released towards the end of a year ago. Most importantly, the Core i5 variants are now available for $100 less than their usual price. Similarly, the tablet with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB onboard storage has an original price tag of $1,299, but customers can buy it for $1,199. The offers on both Core i5 models are valid till March 26.

The latest deal means you can ditch your old MacBook, PC or Surface and receive up to $650 back to put towards your Surface Pro 4.

The next big change is coming out with the Surface Phone, as Microsoft's next big thing comes out into the markets with massive specs - the likes which one has never heard of before when it comes to the markets of mobile phones.

The gadget is also expected to arrive with an enhanced rechargeable Surface Pen stylus that will feature a power button, charging port as well as a notification light. The company's Surface Pro 4 tablet is priced at Rs 89,990.

And speaking of battery, the upcoming device from Microsoft will already have a longer battery life.

"Feedback from our customers is really important to the team and to me personally". We love the energy. Microsoft is expected to release the Surface Phone with high-end features, and is probably going to tag it as a "business class" offering.

Rumors circulating online suggest that it is set to be released October, exactly one year ago since its predecessor Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was launched.



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