Xbox One System Update Hits Today, Fixes Some "Behind-the-Scenes" Bugs


Xbox One System Update Hits Today, Fixes Some

A new Xbox One update is now rolling out over Xbox Live, implementing minor bug fixes and tweaks to the console's operating system.

It's not clear what those bugs are or what systems/functionality they're related to. Before that, Microsoft released significant Xbox One updates on a monthly basis.

We published this report not to dishearten the Xbox fans but to point out that Microsoft is doing everything possible to make Xbox One the best place for gaming by releasing some wonderful exclusive games and going for a third party exclusive deals, and 2016 line-up looks incredible. It will contain a number of "behind the scenes bug fixes", presumably fixing some of the smaller problems and glitches in the Xbox One OS. That massive update introduced Backwards Compatibility and a number of other big feature changes, on top of the overall user interface modifications that changed the entire console experience. The update brings with no new features, but promises to improve upon last month's update with increased stability and performance. With a simple math calculation, it was discovered that the PlayStation 4 sales during all important Holiday Season 2015 were 5.7 million units.


This developed as Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Xbox One, announced that the company has in fact outlined plans for the next-generation console, while confirming that hundreds of Xbox 360 games will soon be workable on Xbox One, reported the Express. However, there is no word yet on what this update may include.



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